Monday 05 September 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 Decorations at Kidz First Children's Hospital

Rugby World Cup

As part of New Zealand's Rugby World Cup 2011 festivities, The Twinkle Child Foundation helped the children of Kidz First Children's Hospital to get into the rugby spirit by decorating parts of the Emergency Department with colourful flags, drawings, streamers and balloons.

The children and staff at the hospital really liked the new additions to their emergency department. Go the All Blacks

A special thanks to the children of Henderson Primary School and the sKids Extended Service After-School programme for creating the amazing rugby themed artwork which went into the Playroom of the hospital.

Thank you to our volunteers:

  • Anna Gray
  • Chris Wong
  • Debra Yeh
  • Jenny Kwon
  • Margot Mulchay
  • Rachael Gee
  • William Zhang