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neo was our 2010 funding project, and raised $2500 towards a Blue Light Bili-meter for Middlemore Hospital's neonatal unit.

William Zhang (The Twinkle Child Foundation) hands over a cheque for $2500 to Mike Myers (Middlemore Hospital). Other board members: George Shand, Leon Shen, Nilu Kulasingham

On the 1st of April 2011, board members from The Twinkle Child Foundation visited Middlemore Hospital to meet with executives from The South Auckland Health Foundation and Dr Mike Myers, a neonatal specialist from Middlemore Hospital, to learn more about the blue light bili-meter and what it does to help neonatal babies.

Neonatal babies who develop jaundice are often treated by phototherapy, in which blue light is used to break down the compounds which cause jaundice in and under the skin.
A blue light bili-meter is used to ensure the perfect amount of light is exposed to the baby, allowing optimal treatment.

Board members learn more about the blue light bili-meter Blue light bili-meter

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Fundraising efforts:

Saturday 25 September 2010

Kidz First Noel Leeming Promotion

On the 25th and 26th of September, The Twinkle Child Foundation volunteers partnered up with the South Auckland Health Foundation and handed out flyers outside Noel Leeming stores supporting a special promotion for Kidz First Children's Hospital. 4% of sales would be donated to Kidz First Children's Hospital if the flyer was presented at the counter with the purchase.

In addition, The Twinkle Child Foundation volunteers held a bake sale outside Noel Leeming stores in New Market and Botany, with all proceeds going towards our special project, neo. Over the weekend, just under $1000 was raised for neo.


Saturday 29 May 2010

neo Street Appeal

The Twinkle Child Foundation volunteers from Auckland Grammar School, Epsom Girls Grammar School and the University of Auckland were out on New Market and Queen St collecting donations for our neo project on Saturday the 29th of May 2010.

After a hard day's effort, $1,547.40 was raised across the two locations for neo supporting New Zealand neonatal wards - a fantastic result!