Saturday 21 May 2011 and Sunday 22 May 2011

Kidz First Noel Leeming Promotion 2011

Bake Sale

In a repeat of 2010's successful campaign, The Twinkle Child Foundation volunteers again partnered up with the South Auckland Health Foundation to handout flyers outside Noel Leeming stores supporting a special promotion for Kidz First Children's Hospital. 4% of sales would be donated to Kidz First Children's Hospital if the flyer was presented at the counter with the purchase.

Just like we did in 2010, The Twinkle Child Foundation also held a bake sale outside Noel Leeming Newmarket, and sold our popular jellybean packets, raising money to provide gift packs to the children of Manukau Superclinic.

Thank you to our volunteers:

  • Brook Dyer
  • Caraliese Rebello
  • Debbie D'Souza
  • Emily Frew
  • Emma Hughes
  • Imogen Little
  • Jenitte Gnanakumar
  • Jiani Xu
  • Ketan Hari
  • Lauren Greig
  • Leon Shen
  • Namrata Modak
  • Nicole Flores
  • Nipuna Sinhalage
  • Noyonika Nath
  • Parehuia Buchanan
  • Rachael Gee
  • Richard Lowe
  • Sarah Hames
  • William Zhang