Christchurch Hospital Street Appeal

Thursday 16 June 2011 and Sunday 17 June 2011

Christchurch Hospital Street Appeal

The Twinkle Child Foundation volunteers from Auckland Grammar School, Epsom Girls Grammar School,  Dilworth School, Diocesan School for Girls, St Kentigern College, and the University of Auckland came together for a weekend to support the children of Christchurch Hospital through a street appeal.

Saturday proved to test the volunteer's determination as the weather turned wet and windy in the afternoon. Nevertheless, our dedicated volunteers pressed on.
In contrast, Sunday's weather was brilliant, the sun was shining, and with people in a good mood, we all had a great time collecting donations.

Over the weekend, $3343 was raised for Christchurch Hospital - an outstanding result above anything we had initially anticipated. Thank you so much to all our awesome volunteers. Your efforts have certainly paid off, and many children will benefit from the help you've given. Read about what the $3343 went towards toward here.

Thank you to our volunteers:

  • Alice Field
  • Amiee Zang
  • Angela Liang
  • Ara Layco
  • Athena Cheng
  • Bhavya Barot
  • Bianca Delalic
  • Briony Andrews
  • Britanny Poole
  • Brooke Healey
  • Caraliese Rebello
  • Courtney Nuyad
  • Danica Kistanna
  • Dhru Ramson
  • Elise Everall
  • Elizabeth Orchard
  • Eloise Wright
  • Emma Hughes
  • Imogen Little
  • Isabella Jameson
  • Jacob Duplan
  • Jiani Xu
  • Jose Catapang
  • Josiah Kennerley 
  • Joycelyn Woo
  • Jules Armitage
  • Julia Fu
  • Julia Kerr
  • Karen Chung
  • Katherine Court
  • Kazuki Murakami
  • Kerry Mackereth 
  • Ketan Hari
  • Lauren Greig
  • Leon Shen
  • Lizzie Giles
  • Lydia Dillon
  • Madeleine Barber-Wilson
  • Matthew Slijp
  • Mruna Ankus
  • Namrata Modak
  • Nick Logan
  • Nicole Flores
  • Nilu Kulasingham
  • Nipuna Sinhalage
  • Noyonika Nath
  • Pooja Prasad
  • Qi Lim
  • Rachael Gee
  • Rachel Dunlop
  • Rachel Yu
  • Revati Chopara
  • Richard Lowe
  • Rishika Chopara
  • Rosie Bingham
  • Samantha Harding
  • Sanny Wu
  • Shareena Dullabh
  • Tian Tian Zhang
  • Vimu Sinhalage
  • Vivek Katial
  • Vivien Liu 
  • William Zhang
  • Yoo Jin Choi
  • Yuna Lee